The Writers’ Building
  is an exclusive network of screenwriters, headquartered in Los Angeles
but with members that hail from all over the globe, whom meet online
to help develop Craft and Career.  Most of us are contest-winning,
optioned or produced screenwriters.

We workshop our concepts and scripts, trade notes and information,
and talk shop about screenwriting, movies, TV and pop culture.

Our membership consists of professionals and aspiring professionals.
We currently have approximately 50 active members. 

Our mantra is: "Better Screenwriters, Better Screenplays," because we are
dedicated to continuing to develop our craft and professional network.
We acknowledge that a screenplay must be GREAT to beat out the
competition in the crowded marketplace and a screenwriter must be
disciplined, savvy and professional.

We believe in networking, because in today's market it's not
enough to have the talent on the page; a screenwriter must also have
an "in" to get their great script into the hands of a decision-maker in
the industry.

We have fun in our forums talking about all things entertainment and
pop culture, but we also know when to buckle down and work hard
to achieve our goals.  We are looking for screenwriters who have a
positive demeanor and the drive to keep pushing until they break
through.  Many of our members have found co-writers, collaborators
and good friends here.

Benefits to joining TWB: 


The fee to join our online community is a non-refundable $25 per year
(upon approval), billed via Paypal. This money goes toward site
maintenance and administrative costs.

If you have a great screenplay sample and you are already on the
road to becoming a professional screenwriter, please see the Join
page and follow the instructions carefully.


Daniel Calvisi
President & Site Administrator
The Writers' Building

PRODUCERS looking for scripts: Please see the Scripts page.

Better Screenwriters, Better Screenplays!
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