NOTE: Do NOT register on the website under "Register User"
until you read the following, email your application materials
and are approved by the Administrator.

The Writers’ Building  is an exclusive network of screenwriters, headquartered in Los Angeles
but with members that hail from all over the globe, whom meet online
                                        to help develop Craft and Career.

We are now accepting new applications from serious, commercially-
minded screenwriters with a strong writing sample.
We require that
you have talent on the page and we hope that you have some existing
relationships in the business. This is the only way to keep this
organization exclusive and serious. There are other screenwriting groups
out there to join if you do not qualify here and we encourage you to
check them out (Zoetrope and Triggerstreet are two popular, larger sites).

We are also looking for professionals who work with scripts in the
industry: development professionals, agents, managers, producers and
assistants. Please consider sharing your expertise with our screenwriters.

To get a sense of the caliber of our membership, here's a sample of
some of our members' bios.

To see what makes our site unique, see Benefits to joining TWB.

All Members must accept and adhere to the following
rules, to join and participate in our website:

  1. Your Display Name on the site must be your FULL NAME and
    you must upload a recent photo of yourself as your avatar in your
    profile. There is no anonymity on this site.  (We want to netwok
    with you, not "TarantinoLover911.")  No other screennames or avatar
    images are allowed.
      Our site is members-only and does not
    come up in searches, so your information will be kept private, and
    our site has under 100 members, so you will know all of your
    fellow members and thus build stronger relationships than on sites
    with thousands of anonymous users.

  2. You must email the following to thewritersbuilding at

    a) A SCREENPLAY SAMPLE (feature-length or standard
    TV length) in pdf format.  This sample must first be registered
    with the WGA or another accredited registration service.
    b) A RECENT PHOTO of yourself in .jpg or .gif format (less than 1mb in size, please).
    c) A SHORT BIO under 300 words. Please include your
    location, occupation, writing history and screenwriting goals.

    Note: Please email the above items before you register on
    the site under "Register User."

    Your materials will be reviewed by the site's administrator and group
    President, Daniel Calvisi, a professional Reader. He or another site
    moderator will respond to you directly via email with a determination
    or a request for further information. We thank you for your effort and
    patience. (Note: you will not receive notes on your sample.)

  3. Once approved, fee for a site subscription is $25 per year, paid via
    a one-time, non-refundable Paypal payment.  This goes toward site
    maintenance and administrative costs.

  4. Postings of Politics, Religion, Spam and flame wars are forbidden in the
    Forums and will be removed. No exceptions.

  5. All members are expected to use a professional demeanor while on
    the site. Personal attacks are strictly forbidden and will be removed.

  6. Any discussion thread or post may be removed or edited at the
    discretion of the site administrator.

  7. If you agree to all of these rules, then please email the materials in #2
    above to

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Better Writers, Better Screenplays!
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