Peter Bartels optioned his crime thriller Early Warning to Jeffrey R. Neuman (Under Siege 2, Chill Factor) and has written adaptations for world renowned Sci-Fi authors Andre Norton, A.E. Van Vogt, Poul Anderson and Frederick Pohl.

Sheila Brothers is the co-writer/producer of the episodic police drama, Port City P.D., which was picked up for global primetime broadcast on the America Unleashed network, to be viewed by 120 million homes in over 16 countries. Her feature film, Butchered, is currently in post-production.

Daniel P. Calvisi is the President of The Writers' Building and the author of Story Maps: How to Write a GREAT Screenplay. He has worked as a screenwriting coach and senior story analyst for over fifteen years. He recently wrote a short screenplay on assignment that goes into production in 2011. Full bio here.

Stuart Creque has written horror features for producer Kat Conway, directors Bea Ageto and Giuseppe Asaro. His short animation script Tsunami is in pre-production with Renderyard Productions in the UK and his drama There Is a Season was a winner of the 2007 Writers' Building Screenplay Contest.

Ryan Jackson was a quarterfinalist in the 2010 Nicholl Fellowship Contest and a finalist in the 2010 Silver Screenwriting competition with his screenplay FIX.

Mark Kratter won the Grand Prize for the 2007 Fade In Awards with his screenplay Where the Dead Go.  He is currently developing a high concept comedy with Broken Road Productions (Anger Management).

Scott LaCagnin won the Grand Prize for the 2006 Page Screenwriting Awards with his screenplay Warmonger, Inc. He is currently shopping his Political Thriller The Reston Protocol and his gritty 70s-style Action Thriller 10,000 Bullets Later.

James Robert Martin
 had his logline for his Horror script What Goes Around... chosen by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Auto Focus, The Walker) to win TWB’s Logline Contest.

J. Stephen Maunder is a writer/director/producer with over 13 produced credits, including Shadows in Paradise starring Armand Assante and Tom Sizemore.

Scott Parisien has two scripts in development: Unraveled with Unizarre International, and Dark Passenger with DreamBig Entertainment.  His script Feral took 2nd place in the All Access Competition.

Jon David Rosten wrote and directed Valley of Angels starring Danny Trejo, winner of the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature at the NY Int'l Independent Film & Video Festival.

Jenny Thomas won the Grand Prize of the 2010 AAA Screenplay Contest with her script Snilderholden's Jungle.

Sam Quo Vadis  is the founder of The Screenplayers, a cooperative organization of writers and filmmakers. He was commissioned by Treschic Films to write the pilot script and series bible for Chic, a crime drama set in the world of fashion.


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