We are now open to new writers to join our network!
If you are a serious, career-minded screenwriter who has written
more than one screenplay, please thoroughly review the requirements
on the Join page and send us your application. We only welcome
writers who are willing to help their peers in a supportive and fun online
community. If this is you, we'd love to hear from you. You can read
about some of our members here.

We've upgraded our forums.
The forums have more features than ever, making them faster, easier
to use and more compatible with your devices.

We are workshopping loglines, scenes, and entire screenplays
with our peers. 

Members swap notes with their fellow writers, often leading to powerful
working relationships and successful collaborations. We are a tight knit
group and most of us have been working together for years.

We receive an exclusive lead from Inktip.com every Thursday.   
Our friends at Inktip send us an open screenplay request each week.
Many of our members use their fantastic service.

We read and review pro screenplays.   
Reading the work of A-list screenwriters is a great learning tool,
and also gives us insights into the script market in Hollywood.

We compete in short writing contests.   
We like to run fun contests for best logline, best scene or best short
screenplay. These contests are low-pressure, free to enter and award
small cash prizes to the winners.

We are sharing information, leads and tips with one another.
We keep each other up on breaking news in the screenwriting world,
the best articles on the blogosphere, contact information for industry
professionals, and advice on contests, submissions and much more.

We're hanging out on the boards,
talking about movies, current
events, screenwriting, pop culture, TV, contests, marketing, digital
media and much more!

Please feel free to apply.

Good luck and happy writing,

Dan Calvisi
President and Site Administrator
Email: thewritersbuilding at gmail.com


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